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Getting ready for another flight

Getting ready for another flight

I love to fly … Need I say more? Well … ok, since you’re reading the about me page I will elaborate.

I love to fly … even for business. I always request the window seat when I fly on a commercial flight so that I can look outside. Of course it helps when I get to fly in business class because then I get about 3 windows all to myself. But that’s another story. When I’m looking out the window I usually try to spot all the little airports along my route. I’m amazed at how many there are and always get excited when I spot a little airplane on final approach, many thousands of feet below me.

You could say that I started to learn how to fly on my computer, using Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. This is probably how many people start, but then in 2002 I finally got the opportunity to continue … and take some real flying lessons. When I say “opportunity”, I mean I spent the money, made the time … and found the courage! So, I started … and progressed … and progressed … and then … one day … ok, it was September 24, 2002 at 6:30pm … I soloed (which means I flew an airplane all by myself). I think that was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

I continued my training and eventually got my pilot’s license in 2004 (you can learn more by reading my training page). Since then I’ve used the privilege of my license to fly with my family and friends to a few cool places, in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Illinois. I even took a mountain flying course and got certified by landing at the highest airport in North America (Leadville, Colorado at 9927 feet above sea level).

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