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Winds 11 knots, gusting to 18 knots

Final Approach - Chambery, France

Final Approach - Chambery, France

My friend Steve, the businessman passenger during my Swiss Mountain Flight, has been taking flying lessons for a few months. Today we flew in France from Annecy to Chambery to practice landings … and to see how it feels to fly in winds at 11 knots, gusting to 18 knots! I can tell you it did not feel very good, especially being in the backseat looking through the viewfinder of my video or digital camera. I’m still not sure if all the bumps were due to the wind, Steve trying to fight the wind, or the instructor trying to correct Steve. I remained quiet in the backseat … and did my job, which was to look for other aircraft. We saw none, perhaps because it was gusting to 18 knots!

We departed the Annecy airport at about 11:00 and flew straight to Chambery. Annecy and Chambery are both controlled airports, which means Steve got to practice speaking with ATC (Air Traffic Control). ATC is supposed to speak in English, which they did, but whenever Steve got into trouble remembering exactly what to say, the instructor would respond to ATC in French. So, in the end, both French and English were spoken to ATC. Not a problem as long as everyone else in the airspace understands both.

In Chambery we did a few touch-n-goes and then a full stop landing. ATC requested that we cutoff the base and final for our full stop landing, which gave Steve an opportunity to practice some S-turns to lose altitude on short final. There was a little confusion between Steve and the instructor as to which runway turn-off to take (to the taxiway), but they quickly agreed it would be the FIRST one, which is something like 100 feet from the runway threshold. Steve did a great job of landing at the very beginning of the runway, applying brakes and then turning onto the very first taxiway!

After 15 freezing cold minutes in the wind on the ground at Chambery we were ready to depart and head back to Annecy.

I created a 10 minute “movie” of our trip. If you watch it (and like it), then please leave a comment.

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  1. Very interesting movie CHRIS, wonderful !

  2. Thank Chris, great movie!
    The flight was, as you mentioned, a little bumpy. For me, it was also great training to fly in such (difficult) conditions.
    As always, a great production - look forward to flying again with you soon - and hopefully my PPL doesnt take too long so can have up up front next to me for more great footage (and some tips from an expert!) :-)

  3. The first video I see on your blog Chris. Very good!

    To Steve: Nice landings!
    bring back memories of similar situations during my training.

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