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Swiss Mountain Flying

Mountain Flying in Switzerland

Mountain Flying in Switzerland

Today I flew in the mountains of Switzerland (and France). I flew with an instructor and a friend. The instructor helped me navigate because this was my first time flying in the Swiss mountains and my friend took video footage and photos of our adventure.

We departed the Geneva airport in the morning and flew over France to our first mountain pass. The weather didn’t really favor crossing that particular pass so we made the decision to find an alternate crossing. We then continued to the Sion airport.

After Sion we climbed again to pass over another mountain range to a nice little airport in the valley. The pass was at 7,400 feet ASL (Above Sea Level) so we had to climb to 8,500 feet to be safe. Once again the weather wasn’t really cooperating, but we made it through.

After flying along this valley we had another pass to cross. Then, we flew back to Geneva over the lake and had some great views of the mountains, the lake and the jet d’eau.

I created a 15 minute “movie” of our trip. If you watch it (and like it), then please leave a comment.

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  1. The mountain flying video is great - very James Bondish!
    If the DVD has less pixels for the outside views, I’d very much like a copy.

  2. Cool video. You are quite impressive, both on the skill of flying but also on the video production. Your website is better than most of the companies I have worked for.

    I can see why you would fly, with both adventure and beauty wrapped into one package it would be hard to resist once you get the taste of it.

    Let me know when/if you get to the lower east coast USA. I will look you up next time in Geneva. Blessings and safe passages.

  3. Wow man forget flying you should go into film/ tv that was really really good :)

  4. Fantastic video; the flight and views were amazing - captured really well in what you’ve put together in the past week.

    Chris is a great pilot; safety conscious and a great editor as we see from the video too - I’d recommend everyone to fly with him (was my first time and hopefully won’t be the last)!

    Thanks again for being able to share the experience with you.
    A must do again in the future!

  5. Great video! I thought the narration was a plus to the production. Great music, too. Keep ‘em coming!


  6. Thanks everyone for leaving comments!

    @Alex - I agree, the narration adds to the production because without it there is too much “dead space” for the viewer to wonder what exactly is happening. I borrowed the idea from a video I saw at There’s a great video on that site of that pilot’s Grand Canyon Fly-Over. The narration made me feel like I was there with him. I actually got chills towards the end … it was that good.

  7. Gorgeous video indeed. And thanks for the quote ;-)
    Another video like that, and I’ll start mountain flying …

  8. Gripping stuff, Chris, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film and look forward to the sequel!
    A bientot

  9. Great flight and great video. I ‘did’ a similar flight 2 years ago (being an eternal student pilot), flying up and down every Mont Blanc glacier before returning to Megeve. There is nothing better than mountain flying…… in a Jodel ! ;-)

    Kind regards,
    LFKX, Meribel Altiport

  10. Chris,

    Looks like you had a really great flight. I remember flying from Livermore (KLVK) to Reno (KRNO) and passing over Desolation Wilderness and Lake Tahoe and, while it really was an awesome flight for many reasons (got mountain flying and complex aircraft checkouts done, flew into Class C controlled airspace with the jets and the scenery was wonderful), it rather pales to your flight. Now I haven’t flown in over a year and it’s killing me. Anyway, thanks for sharing the video and experience, it was almost like being there.



  11. Gruetzi,

    Really enjoyed the video! I wish it wasn’t so pixelated, so that the great scenery could be enjoyed more. Is there a high resolution version available for viewing?



  12. @Marty

    Thanks … I’m working on getting a higher resolution version uploaded.

  13. @Jeff

    Thanks. I learned to fly in a class C airport (Austin, Texas). My favorite memory was being on final approach in my Cessna 152 while Continental and Southwest 737s were holding short. I was asked by ATC to “keep up my best forward speed” and so I leaned forward and simply replied “Roger”. On short final I swear I could see the people on the left side of the Continental jet roll their eyes as they had realized what they had been waiting for. After landing I was told to take the first taxi way, which in this case was a high-speed taxi way (but in the opposite direction). As soon as I crossed the hold short line the Continental 737 roared past behind me!

    Now, in Geneva, I’m taking off and landing on a tiny grass strip parallel to the main runway :)

  14. @Marty … I’ve just uploaded a higher resolution version of the video. It even looks good full screen.

  15. Love to fly, love this kind of stuff and this is simply the best there is, keep up the good work.

  16. i like your vidio ,the scene is beautiful , thanks for your vidio !

  17. You post great posts. Bookmarked !

  18. Thanks for your comments!

  19. I enjoyed your video and flight. At one point you said you couldn’t clear the mountain pass because the clouds were too low. Then right after you were on the other side. How did you continue? What was your adequate clearance based on? Did you experience any turbulence? It looked smooth. Thanks

  20. I just saw on your comment that you found another pass. Thanks

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