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A visual history of my experiences as a private pilot

Winter Wonderland

On final for runway 12 in Annemasse
On final for runway 12 in Annemasse

This flight was on New Year’s Eve 2007 … in the afternoon. It was actually a birthday gift for the pilot’s friend so she sat in the front right seat while I was happy to sit in the back. This video is actually a slideshow made from the pictures I took during the flight. We departed from Annemasse, France in a rented Robin DR400 and flew over some of the small ski resorts in the Haute-Savoie region of France. I took some pictures of the skiers waiting in line to catch the lift back to the top. They looked like little ants on the slopes.

There are some great shots of the Alps, with Mont Blanc clearly visible on this great day. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe. We returned to Annemasse by flying over Lake Geneva a little and then landed on runway 12, the same runway from which we had taken off about 45 minutes earlier. This video slideshow is 5 minutes long.

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