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Colorado Flatirons

The Flatirons near Boulder, Colorado

The Flatirons near Boulder, Colorado

On this day I flew with my friend Mike in N480JP, which is a Diamond Star DA40, from Jeffco Airport in Denver, Colorado. He had never flown in a small airplane before so this little flight was a real treat for him. I was eager to fly the Diamond Star any chance I could get, just because it’s such a nice airplane to fly.

We took off from Jeffco and headed north to Boulder, Colorado. There we flew around a bit while Mike took some nice shots of the scenery. The Flatirons, near Boulder, are rock formations that were named by pioneer women after the flat, metal irons used to press their clothes.

Mike took some great shots of our approach into runway 29L at Jeffco. We only flew for 0.7 hours in total.

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  1. Did you land on the wrong runway?
    I only fly on flight sim, so I do this all the time!
    Great site, videos and photos.
    Good to see that the sim of Cessna 172 is so true to life.
    Have you ever tried sims, or are you always in the real world?

  2. Hi Rob … I see the confusion. The photo description said that I was on final for 27L, but of course the runway is 29L. I’ve changed the description now. Thanks for catching that. Typically I land on 29R, but on this day there must’ve been someone else taking off so the tower told me to use 29L.

    I use my flight sim MORE than I fly in real life. I used to use it just for fun, but then I realized the benefits of flying my real world flights ahead of time in the sim. This allows me to visualize what it will look like and sometimes I was able to catch mistakes in my flight planning … and so the real world flight ended up being safer.

    Thanks. I’m glad you like the site. There are many other trips, photos and even videos so be sure to have a look around.

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