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Colorado Springs Sunset

Sunset above the Colorado Rockies

Sunset above the Colorado Rockies

I flew on this evening from Jeffco Airport to Colorado Springs in Colorado. The flight time between the two is only about 30 minutes in a Diamond DA40. I didn’t actually land in Colorado Springs because all I really wanted to do was fly … and so I flew south from Jeffco (near Denver), along the front range of the Rockies, near the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and then back northbound along the front range again just as the sun was setting.

The sunset above the Colorado Rockies was amazing. The light streaks on the ground were very impressive. Every little rolling hill cast a really long shadow and the evergreen trees were either bright green or already in shade, and therefore almost completely black.

At one point the sun had already set … so I added some power and climbed 500 feet … which made the sun pop back up above the horizon. So, I maintained that altitude and watched a second sunset. How many people can say they’ve done that? Perhaps only other pilots, or maybe astronauts (who see a sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes - I think).

I was the last person to rent the Diamond N480JP that evening so after landing back at Jeffco I had to put the airplane in the hanger.

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