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A visual history of my experiences as a private pilot

N301DP to Parkland

301 Delta Papa

301 Delta Papa

I first flew this Cessna 172 on February 26, 2005. According to my logbook, I received training from a flight instructor in this airplane. I did this because every 2 years it’s required to either take a BFR (biannual flight review), or as part of the FAA Wings program you can take instruction if you’ve already done some ground schooling to pass your BFR without having to fly again with an examiner. So, I did some power on and off stalls, slow flight, steep turns and touch-n-goes on February 26, 2005. Two months later I flew again with an instructor and we practiced soft field landings, cross wind landings and a power off landing at the Front Range Airport.

I flew this airplane only one more time on August 27, 2005 with my friend Pete. We took 301 Delta Papa to Parkland Estates Airpark because they were hosting a fly-in BBQ. We had a very hard time trying to find the landing strip, but in the end the flight was a success. They had really good BBQ too! I had always wanted to fly into a private landing strip, like the one at Parkland … so it’s nice to know that on the 3rd and final time flying 301 Delta Papa I accomplished this goal.

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