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A visual history of my experiences as a private pilot

N11546 to Brenham

N11546 at Weiser in Texas

N11546 at Weiser in Texas

I flew this Cessna 150 only twice. Once to get checked out in it by the flying club and then, the same day, to fly from Weiser to Brenham to have lunch. My total time in this airplane is only 2.3 hours, but it was a great little Cessna 150.

I recall the instructor said I had “lazy feet”, which meant that I wasn’t using my feet to control the rudder, which keeps the airplane coordinated in a turn (coordinated meaning with ailerons and rudder so that it doesn’t “skid” in the air). He approved me anyway to fly this one and their Cessna 172.

The flight to Brenham was really nice, but on the return to Weiser I had to go around because of heavy winds. I recall that the crosswind resulted in me having significant altitude loss while I was turning final. The resulting “picture” of the runway was … well, ugly … so I applied full power and went around. The second time I turned final I made sure to stay very high … and the resulting landing was successful. The instructor had been watching the landing from the ground and said that I made a good choice to go around and that when there are strong winds it helps to keep my speed up on landing and not to use full flaps. Good advice …

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